Friday, February 8, 2013

FRANK & BEAN FRIDAYS: My Favorite Wedding Cake Trends

Frank & Bean Fridays,  my favorite day of the week!
There are so many alternatives to wedding cakes these days...cupcakes, pies, macaroons, candy; and although I love doing something different, I would hate to lose the age old tradition of having a FABULOUS wedding cake! Soooo, I decided to hignlight a few of my favorite weddings cake trends at the moment!! I LOVE all of these cakes, and I think there is a perfect cake for every style in these options!
1.Flower Ombre  2.Pink & Purple Ombre 3.Petal Ombre 4.Pink Ombre

1.Chevron Polka Dot 2.Simple Chevron 3.Metallic Chevron 4.Floral Chevron

1.Bright Bloom 2. Pearl Pretty 3.In Bloom

1.Rustic Glam 2.No Icing 3.Yellow Flowers

1.Colorful Hearts 2.LOVE 3.Tiny Hearts

Happy Friday!

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