Thursday, June 27, 2013

ATE Presents Craft Night #3

Last nights Craft Night was SO MUCH FUN! We had lots of new faces, and everyone came excited and ready to craft:)! This month I decided to do something 'fashion' related, and I absolutely LOVE how this months craft of leather and denim wrap bracelets turned out!!

When I plan parties for other people most times they have their own clear vision and I take it and run when it...BUT when it comes to throwing my own party, I sometimes get stuck on the million and one ideas running through my head...which was highly the case with this months craft night.... I had the project but was struggling coming up with a theme...I hate to say it, but thats when my best ideas come out!!!! I think this months decor turned out super cool, and unexpected...with handmade metallic feather, scrap leather table centerpieces, and duct tape chandeliers, I just LOVED IT!

What makes a Craft Night even more awesome?!?! Have one of your FAVORITE photographers come and bring her camera!!! We just love P & D Photo Video and how awesome are these photos they took!! We are SO excited to be working with them on a SUPER CUTE mini-session soon!!! Make sure to 'like' them on Facebook!

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