Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Non-Traditional} Unity Ceremony Ideas

Here I am 3 years later, and I still wouldn't change a thing when it comes to my wedding day... EXCEPT my unity sand ceremony, YUCK. Who else is sick of the traditional sand unity ceremony?!?! Where was my creative mind 3 years ago when I got married?!?!... Ideas for uniting you and hubs are SO MUCH COOLER these days!!! 

I highlighted a few of my favs.... can I get married again?!

1. Braided Rope: Love this simple rope braiding from Wedding Chicks!

 2. Personalized Balloons: How cute and easy are these personalized balloons with your names and wedding date!

3.Plant a Tree: How awesome! Love this idea, plant a tree and have it for your future home!

4.Tie The Knot: Tying the knot literally! SO CUTE, and would look great on your mantle afterwards!

5.Love Letter Wine Box: Umm, so cool! Write your sweet one and little love letter before the ceremony, and put it in a wood box with a bottle of wine... nail shut at your ceremony and open on your first anniversary!

6. Thumbprints: So sweet. Combine your fingerprints to make a heart...add your kids to the canvas later!
 7. Painting: Super cool for the artsy couple... bring a half painted canvas, and add something special to it  during your ceremony.

8.Wood Branding: So awesome for the rustic bride! Who doesn't love a little wood branding!

Hope everyone is having a great week! xox


  1. Pleased to know about these ideas on arranging a ceremony. Couple of months ago, I arranged my brother’s wedding ceremony at one of the lovely NYC wedding venues. Hired a florist and he made beautiful decorations for this event.

  2. I'm with you on the sand ceremony. I'm from the unity candles only generation and so excited to see how such great opportunities for personalization have entered the wedding ceremony. Check out for one of the most stunning and lasting unity ceremonies that is perfect for blended families and destination weddings and couples with a passion for art.


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