Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Yarn & Burlap Curtains

Just recently while our Modern Momma was on vacation she sent me this pic of this AMAZING Anthropology table setting with a super cool burlap and yarn table runner! Of course she figured out the coolest way to incorporate them into her own home decor!! I was over there recently and knew I had to share!!!

By: The Modern Momma

Our little family finally took a vacation to Seattle! While I was about walking with Mac for a little 'us' time I wandered into Anthropologie and came across this burlap table runner. I fell in LOVE. The only thing is I don't have a farm table that seats 12 in my house on a regular basis. So how do I take this and make it my own? CURTAINS! So I took some measurements and ran my butt up to Hobby Lobby as fast as I could. My dining room sliding door took almost 5 yards of fabric (don't forget to use your HL app for 40% off!) I got a brown fuzzy yarn and a large knitting needle and started weaving! There are a thousand ways you can hang them (and easier) but I had some stitch witchery and just ironed them. My husband likes to say that I "half assed it" but with an almost one year old (EEK!) running after the yarn ball rolling around on the floor I'd say they are pretty fab!

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