Monday, June 3, 2013


Did you guys miss me?!?! I had a GREAT weekend off, but to be honest staying off my blog for a whole 3 days was SO HARD!! Yay, I'm back!!! I wanted to share with you a super easy DIY that is UNDER $10 to make and would be adorable in any home, especially a kids room!!
I got the inspiration from these fun ANIMAL MOUNTS off of Etsy!
Supplies you need: Wood mount, rubber animal of your choice, spray paint, hand saw, and hot glue.
Step 1: Cut off animals head with a hand saw..(I just laughed to myself re-reading step one, just sounds wrong)
Step 2: Tape off any part of the animal head that you do not want painted.
Step 3: Spray wood and animal with colors of your choice. Let dry.
Step 4: Use hot glue to mount the head on your wood.
Step 5: Enjoy!
(PS. Yes, my husband looked at me crazy when I asked him to saw off the head:))

Lots of fun post coming this week! Stay tuned! XOX

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