Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Cozy Fleece Scarf

If you follow us on INSTAGRAM HERE you would of already saw this coming up!!

My mom has been making these for football games for a while now, and they really are so festive, and so COZY for that chilly football weather; AND the best part about them is you can customize to match all your favorite teams! 

-2 yards of 3 different fleece colors/patterns for a total of 6 yards. (will make 7-8 scarves)
- scissors
-sewing machine 

Happy FRIDAY! Check back tomorrow for a fun new giveaway!!! XOX


  1. thanks for the instructions --- gonna make these for the LSU homecoming game this weekend --- Purple and gold...trying to decide which color to double and which to sandwich in the middle!!

  2. Thanks for following! Really once you cut it and they 'frill' it won't matter how you stacked them!! XOX


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