Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Halloween Crafts by Ali PART 2 {Raven Wreath)

and I bring you PART 2... {Check out PART 1 HERE}

Raven Wreath

My favorite holiday has always been Halloween. This year we are in a new house with a lot more space to decorate. I didn't want to spend the money to buy decorations plus let's be honest, most store bought Halloween decor is pretty tacky. I started searching Pinterest for some inspiration and decided to make a wreath. I went to Michael's, bought a few things, and just played around with the arrangement until I liked how it looked but here are the basics:

Hot glue and gun
Foam wreath (whatever size you want)
Gauze fabric (I used precut table Decor from the Halloween section)
Fake ravens
Plastic bones
Ribbon and twine

Instructions:  Wrap around the wreath with the fabric hot gluing every few inches on the back side.  Use wire to secure the legs of a large raven inside the bottom of the wreath. Take the fake hand bones and string 5-10 on ribbon or twine (mine had holes already). Tie the two ends together so the hands come together into a circle. Hot glue the circle to the wreath.  I put a plastic spider in the center to finish it off. Tie a ribbon to the top to hang and add another raven if you want!

Thanks so much for sharing Ali!! XOX

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