Friday, June 27, 2014

Modern Momma: What to register for: Feeding

The second blog post in our 'What to register for..." series! If you missed the 'GEAR' portion, part one, check it out HERE! Now our Modern Momma is bringing you part two, feeding! From bottles, to breast pumps; who knew there was so much that you would need?!?!

Baby Registry Part 2- Feeding

Medela Freestyle breast pump
Hands down my fave one! On the pump it has a clip to put on your pants while pumping. I used to pump and wash dishes all at the same time. Plus it's hospital grade so you know it's worth the money.

Simple wishes pumping bra
I liked this the best while pumping in stead of getting a normal looking bra for pumping or the straps that come with the pump.

Lansinoh breast pads and breast milk storage bags
Everyone has different pads that they like. These ones are cheap and good enough for what they do. As for the bags I liked these more than my Medela ones. These hold 7oz. When Mac started drinking more milk it was just easier to dump milk into these because the Medela bags only hold 5. I liked the Medela bags because you could clip them right on your pump and they were a harder plastic but the Lansinoh work just fine and lay really flat when freezing them.

Medela bottles
These were all Mac liked at the beginning. I think Mac took really good to bottles right off from the start because we introduced bottles within the first week we were home. I did register for Lifestyle glass bottles but he wouldn't drink out of them until he was around 6 months. You just never know what your baby will like.

Munchkin bottle cleaner
Cheap and no fuss! Enough said.

Boon lawn or grass drying rack with stem and twig
I had the grass with Mac and I absolutely loved it. I upgraded to the lawn for baby #2 for all the pump parts bottles and sippys that will be put on it. The stem and twig hold up the nipples an extra parts. So cute to look at on the counter

Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs
Once you have these regular bibs are a thing of the past. You can use these as burp cloths when your baby is tiny and it has a snap on the back so when they are sitting up eating regular food the use them a regular bibs. Love me a good multi purpose item!

Ikea Antilop highchair and tray
If you want to be able to wipe down without having to deal with set cushions an food getting stuck in crevasses this is your chair! I take Lysol wipes to it and it comes out sparkling clean each time! We also have a Chicco caddy hook on high chair. I used it when Mac first was able to sit up to eat and food got all over it. It's a pain to take off the seat to wash it so that's when we bought the ikea one.

Boppy Pillow
I really liked mine. Mac used to sleep in it when I curled it and and he would use it as a pillow when he was older. Don't forget to get a waterproof cover for it!

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