Friday, June 13, 2014

Modern Momma: What to register for...

After Lauren's WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG post, she had tons of request for what to register for! Because babies are needy;), we decided to break it up in 3 post for the sake of overwhelming you! Starting with the GEAR...

Modern Momma Gear Guide:
Just throwing it out there that I don't personally have these car seats and strollers but I do have them in different brands. I know a lot of people who have these car seats (both the infant and convertible) and love them. They are a bit pricier than some brands but personally I just hate how cheap Graco and Chicco brands look. But they are making them look a lot better now than they did two years ago.

As for strollers I knew I didn't want a travel system. I think they are the most hideous things to look at. Big and bulky no thanks! This Contours 4 in 1 is perfect and is in the perfect price range for all the pieces you get.
I also kinda hate umbrella strollers. Where do you put the baby's snacks and sippy?! This stroller is the next size up which I love. Comes with a shade and snack tray and extra storage! Perfect for get up and go. I don't know what I would do without ours!

The 4moms breeze play yard didn't get used a lot with Mac since we bought it later but I'm hoping with baby 2 it will be put to more use. It comes with a bassinet attachment and did I mention the one handed set up? #winning

 How do you choose between a bouncer a rocker or a swing?! Yeah. You don't. Your baby does! Most annoying thing ever. These things ARE NOT cheap and your baby will probably love your garage sale finds more than your straight off the line rocker. Ugh. But these are what worked for Mac so here's my insight.

4moms mommaroo
This was an I-had-to-have-this-because-Kourtney-Kardashian-has-it! purchase. Mac loved his when he was tiny up until 6 months. You can plug In your iPod and has tons of different swing/motion settings to it and you can have them sitting up or lying in it.

After Mac was siting up he wanted to sit 24/7. So we scored a vintage crank swing so his feet could dangle.  I searched everywhere for a new model like that but it seems they are far and few of them. The only one I found was this Graco one.

At around the same age Mac started using a Johnny Jumper at my parents. He loved it and would jump forever!! Well in our house we have a really open concept and no crown molding/doorways to hang it where we were at most of the day. I caved and ended up buying a jumperoo. Seriously. This kid would bounce the hell out of that thing. We had to cut off the little toys that hung above him because they would smack him in the face. (They were plastic. Who does that?!) Ryan and I would sit an laugh at him because he would laugh so hard bouncing away.

And the good ol' exersaucer. I never wanted one because they are huge and bulky and not my cup of tea. So instead of one of those I got a Go Pod instead. Best Thing Ever!! It's a mix between an exersaucer and a camping fold out chair. It has cup holders and little tabs you can hook toys on and has height adjustments. It's kind of pricey for what it really is but we used the hell out of it!! I seriously can't wait to get it out for the baby!

Car seats
Play yard
Activity seat

...and of course some fun photos of Mac using his gear, I can't believe how little he is in some of these pictures! 

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