Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Fav: Isms Butterfly Wing Jewelry

This Friday Fav is brought to you by a SUPER RAD company that I just recently(as in yesterday) became acquainted with ISMS! Yesterday when I got home from work, I found the cutest little box in my mail from my BFF Emily. I opened the box to see an adorable little mason jar labeled 'Butterfly Preserves'... At this time I was thinking 'what the heck'... and then I open the jar to see the most gorgeous chain necklace with a preserved monarch butterfly wing on it! 

When my grandmother passed away who I was extremely close too, we all had many times when we swore she was following us around in the form of a black monarch butterfly; and still do! So to say this was the perfect gift would be an understatement! I LOVE IT!

Not only are these beautiful, but they give back too; which is my favorite kind of Friday Fav!

'All jewelry is made out of real functioning butterfly wings sourced from the conservation farms. Each wing undergoes a meticulous 12-15 step process that renders the wings durable, prismatic, waterproof, and lightweight! The butterflies have completed their life cycle on the conservation farms around the world!  The goal of Isms is not to improve on nature, but to preserve it with functionality. Each piece is made as a talisman of courage for of life's changes, and the grace for all of life's choice!'

&&&10% of all sales go back to MN butterfly conservation efforts! WIN WIN! 

Visit their Etsy shop HERE... and make sure to like them on Facebook HERE!

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