Sunday, June 29, 2014


Recently worked on a project with RIT DYE and ELMERS GLUE... they have partnered up, and created some super AMAZING and INNOVATIVE results! For those of you that don't know, Elmer Glue 'Blue Gel' actually resist Rit Dye, which means you can use the glue to make designs on your fabric before you dye it, and then once its dyed you will still see your designs!! It's a pretty awesome concept!

I decided to make a super easy kid friendly teepee that cost under $40! I PROMISE you can make this, and the kids will have fun creating their own designs! 


Rit Dye 'Pearl Grey'
Elmers Glue Blue Gel
1 White Bed Sheet 'Queen Size'
5- 1"x2"x8' Strip Boards(Home Depot)
Staple Gun
Wood Beads*optional*

How To: 
Preparing Your Sheet:
1. Lay out sheet, and use Elmers Blue Gel to draw designs on sheet, and let completely dry.
2. Pour your Rit Dye into the sink(or bucket) and start dipping your sheet.
3. Once your sheet has reached the desired color, remove, rinse, and let dry.
(if using wood beads, throw those in the dye as well, and just let them soak)

Putting Together Your Teepee:(Takes 2 Sets of Hands)
1. Arrange your strip boards in a teepee formation, and with one set of hands holding the sticks, the other set should be wrapping the twine around the sticks weaving the twine in and out of each board make the twine tight and the sticks stable.
2. Lay sheet around the outside of the standing teepee and tie the corners of the sheet together in the front/top of the teepee. If I plan on keeping the teepee in one place for a longer period of time, I then like to reinforce the sheet with a staple gun, but not completely necessary. 
3. For some extra character I strung my dyed wood beads on remaining pieces of twine and dangled from the front of the teepee! 


I used my teepee at the most recent #ATECraftNight...

GORGEOUS Teepee photos by Balee Images!

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