Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BABY TIME: What to pack in your hospital bag:

What to pack: Hospital Bag Edition
By: Lauren

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I've had a handful of friends ask me what I pack in my bag for delivery. It obviously is different for everyone but these are just the basics.

While on the way to the hospital I wear a little dress with flip flops. That way you can wear the dress after delivery and the flip flops around the hospital and to go home in. You could obviously wear a top and pants but a dress is less stuff to pack later. 

In my bag I take:
A robe and slippers
Another comfy stretch dress
Black panties
Nursing bra
My own pillow
I take everything in black bc there is blood everywhere and it doesn't matter if it gets ruined. No biggie.

As for toiletries our hospital has little Bath and Body works samples (holla) but it is nice to take your own stuff just in case. 

Here's what I'm taking but your def not limited to:
Shampoo and conditioner
Toothbrush and paste
Pony tail holders
Body spray
Make up
Hair brush
(You can always call ahead and ask what they provide you If you don't want to double pack stuff!)

For the baby: all I'm taking is a swaddle the Boppy and an outfit and hat.

For my husband: all he gets is a change of clothes snacks an an iPad.

You can also choose to bring a memory book to get hand and footprints and cameras.
I also made padsicles. All they are is giant pads with whitch hazel on them and put in the fridge/freezer. These are for if you tear/have an episiotomy. It helps take away the pain and swelling. I didn't have to use mine so I don't know exactly how efficient they are but everyone raves about them. 

The hospital will provide a stilts bath or a squirt bottle to use instead of wiping when you pee. Please god don't try to wipe!! 

And last but so very important: DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR NURSES!!! They are the people with you during the toughest part or your life. Be kind to them. They want to make this time special for you. The labor and delivery nurses truly love their job and are so excited for you! I made my mom go out and get them a little cake for helping us the whole time and making it a great experience.

I took a bunch more stuff with me when I had Mac but most of it I didn't even use. Plus you will be packing your car with so much stuff that they give you it's kinda overwhelming.

P. S. Don't forget to bring the car seat!!

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