Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Modern Momma on Instagram

Our MM Lauren has been a busy momma lately, due to a couple exciting things happening! Wanted to share a few of her fun Instagram pics of what she has been up to lately! Lauren is one of my favorite people to see daily pics from, mostly due to Mac and that cute growing bump! 

If you don't already follow here then do so now -------> 'laurenmariemclennan'

"I've been so MIA lately!! With the baby coming in 7ish weeks and me loosing all my energy to do ANYTHING it's been tough to do the fun stuff! Since the boys rooms are officially done (thank god) I can now breath and take a minute for myself again! Is it bad to say I just want this baby out so I can do everything that I used to do? My house has been put on the back burner and so has getting ready for baby #2.  Last week I just got out all the clothes to be washed and next weekend I'm running around to get my last minute goods for delivery. But in all the chaos here's what we've been up to lately in Instagram pictures."

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