Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY Stamped Pineapple Table Cloth

Sharing the DIY for our pineapple stamped table cloth from MAY #ATECRAFT NIGHT! I originally looked for fabric with pineapples on it, however after not finding any, and being dead set on a pineapple table cloth, I decided to make one! I happen to have some sweet potatoes already laying on my kitchen counter, and glancing over at them, they looked like the perfect shape for a pineapple stamp! So it was decided...

Sweet Potato
Yellow Paint
Green Paint
Brown Paint
2 Paint Brushes
3 Paper Plates
Canvas Cloth

How To:
-Use knife to cut sweet potato in half.
-Pour all 3 color of paint onto your 3 paper plates.
-Take one half of your sweet potato and dip it face down into yellow paint, and stamp on your cloth.
-Once you have desired amount of pineapple stamped on your cloth let dry for 15 min.
-Once yellow is dry, use paint brush to add your green stems & brown texture to your pineapples.
-Let dry, and throw a fun pineapple party!

Photos: Balee Images
Flowers: Thode Floral

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