Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craft Night #2: The Decor {Photos By Balee Images}

I would tell you how much I love Balee Images but I already have confessed my love for her in another post that is just waiting to be published, so I will keep it to a minimum...welllll, maybe not! It's one of those moments where you want to pinch yourself because something so good happens to you....yeah, that's how I feel about meeting Brandi! We have so much fun scheming up ideas together, and then in the end I get beautiful pictures out of it, a win win! Yay me!
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This months Craft Night was a totally different vision from LAST MONTHS DECOR... I wanted it to be different and a little more modern than the rustic theme I went with last month. I decided to do 'black & white' to go with the modern feel; and added the huge chevron trend that is so crazy right now! I have been needing an excuse to use the giant balloons with tissue tassels, and 'Craft Night' seemed like the perfect time! I finished it off with DIY Tissue Paper Garland that in some way resembled the chevron! Ps. I kind of love it. ;)
I mean honestly its hard not to love the images that Brandi took!



SOOO, whose coming next month?!
Stay tuned for Part 2 {The Project}!! xox

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