Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{DIY Vertical Fresh Flower Pot} By: Rachel

Just recently I have had followers reaching out to me with their own DIY projects! I received this one from Rachel and LOVED it! I think it looks awesome, and could really fit in with any style landscape! I also love this idea for all of my city friends that live in apartments or condos!! I personally am going to steal the idea and make a little herb garden on my back porch!
All you need: a pallet(in good condition), nails, hammer, handsaw{potting soil, flowers or herbs.}
STEP1: Remove 3 pieces of wood off one side of the pallet.
STEP2: Measure the pieces of wood you removed to fit completely under the remaining pieces/slabs of wood. This is to insure the potting soil will stay.
STEP3:Cut each piece and attach with nails.
You will have to make about 6 pieces. The entire bottom can be covered with one full piece/slab of wood.

Thanks so much for sharing Rachel! XOX

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