Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ATE Presents: {Modern Caligraphy Invite Addressing}

 I'm excited to introduce a new little service that ATE offers (my husband likes to refer to it as 'slave labor', you know, tomato tom-aato)!! He is an awesome artist, and is in the process of addressing some wedding invites for a friend, and they are SUPER COOL! I asked him to let me share, and to also let me offer this as a new addition to all of the awesome things we already do;)!! He can pretty much do any thing I asked{I love these little arrows he did}so he can customize for everyone!!
After bargaining prices for a minute we agreed on .75 per envelope! Which most are {at least} $1.50 per envelope! Contact me at athundercarson@gmail.com for more info!
(DISCLAIMER:For any of you internet creepers out there, these are fake addresses, so no stalking for you;)


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