Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mac's 1st Birthday Party Decor: Part 2 {DIY Bug Wreath}

I think its safe to reveal the theme for Mac's First Birthday Party: 'Our Bug Is One'... Ughhh now that we got that out, lets get to some fun party décor!!! Our Modern Momma sent me over these pics today, and I thought is was too adorable and too easy no to share today!
{ps. Did I mention I designed the invites?!? Cant wait to share!!}
Macs Bug Wreath

I first saw this idea on a mirror frame with all Mc Donald's toys glued on it and spray painted white. I've always wanted to that but didn't have the plastic toys to do it. Then I had my DUH moment.
I decided to do a wreath with all bugs and #1's. The only thing was I couldn't find 3 inch cardboard ones anywhere!! Ugh! So I went home and thought about it.
 I saw at hobby lobby they had huge letters and numbers. I just decided to slap one huge number one on it and call it a day. After his party I'm ripping off the one gluing some bugs and spray painting it black for a Halloween wreath! I think I'm going do this for each of his parties!

All I did was buy a grapevine wreath a ton of bugs from the dollar store and hot glued them on. I spray painted it only because some lizards were hot pink (not that it mattered) but I didn't want a ton of different colors mixed in with the party décor. So I used a whole can of white spray paint and Ta-Da!

I love that she gave the idea to spray it black and re-use it for Halloween!!!
I can't wait to see what else comes out of our DIY'ing Modern Momma for Mac's Party!

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