Friday, May 3, 2013

Vintage Circus 1st Birthday Party: {The Invite}

I'm so excited to share these with you!! I got the ok from Mama Arndt that all of the guest should have now received their invite to Grey's 1st Birthday Vintage Circus Party!!! I cannot believe Grey is one year old already!!! This is the little guy who I feel like we JUST had this 'It's a BOY' Shower for, and I honestly don't believe he is 1 already!! Time flies when your having fun;)!
Ali came up with the most adorable theme 'Vintage Circus'! I know my way pretty well around Photoshop so I offered to design the invites for her! We quickly decided on a final invite, and then it was time to 'dress' them up! I haven't said this in a while... ITS ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS;)!!!
So while out shopping for the party one day, we stopped in Party City in Valpo...I love that place, they have SO much more than Party City's used to!!! Ali picked up some cute yellow tickets to use for the décor, and immediately I thought INVITE!!!!!
How freaking cute are these?!? With printing, postage, envelopes, & extras; it cost her just over $1 per invite!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I'm not sure I'll ever buy invites again!!
 I would love to design one for your next party too!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! XOX


  1. It's a fantastic place! I attended an amazing event here, loved the ambience and the staff was super friendly. We faced absolutely NO problems with anything.

  2. I’m interested in this design but for a senior prom. Can I buy the digital editable design??


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