Friday, May 10, 2013

The MOST Fun 'Late Night Snacks' for your Wedding Night

Your guest came & supported you, danced the night away with you, so now lets give them a fun little late night snack before we send them on their way! Let's face it dinner was hours ago, people are starving!!;) At my wedding we had AMAZING breakfast burritos to end our night, and 3 years later I still hear how awesome those burritos were:)! There are so many cute ideas out there and I wanted to highlight some of my favorites!!!
1. Hot Dog Stand: How fun is this hotdog stand! One of our favorite caterers Great Lakes Caterers offers the cutest hot dog cart at the end of the night!
2. Donut Bar: Love the idea of a fun little donut bar! Super easy & who doesn't love a good donut:)!
3. Snack Table: I love me a late night bag of cool ranch doritos! HA! How cute is this idea! Love the gumball machine!!
4. Popsicle Stand: Who rents a popsicle stand?! This awesome couple did!!! HOW FUN!
5.Fast Food Buffet: YUM! Stop your guest from having to run through the first fast food window they see on their way home! Bring the fast food to them!
6. Pancake Bar: Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?! How cute is this pancake bar for your guest late night snack!! I can dream up all the toppings now!
7. DIY Smore Bar: LOVE this idea! Serves as entertainment and is delicious too!
8. Ice Cream Cart: No need to say anything with this adorable Ice cream cart set-up! Love it!
9. Late Night Pizza Buffet: Hopefully you will be so busy dancing the night away, people won't want to go home and order a pizza....or you can bring the pizza to them!
Ok now I'm starving! Happy Weekend! Xox


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