Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Crow Garland By:Lauren

We have been flooded with photo shoots lately, and our Modern Momma is picking up the DIY slack around here!! She sent me this DIY and I immediately loved it; its so different and perfect for fall!!! Did I also mention its super easy to make!!

Crow garland

Once August hits all I can think about is fall and Halloween. It's my favorite time of year for everything! Fashion, cold weather, food and decorations. I seriously can't get enough!! I feel it's too early for total Halloween so I call this time my "pre-fall". Defiantly autumn things are out but not my scary stuff. So I thought I'd share with you my crow garland that I just made!

Only need a couple things for this DIY!
Needle nosed pliers
Crows (found mine at the dollar store)

The crows are styrofoam so all I did was shove them on the wire (kept thinking of practical magic while doing each one). They also came with legs and i pulled them out. Then cut my burlap about an inch wide and maybe 18'' long and just accordion folded them on the wire in between the birds. Once I was done and liked the burlap/bird ratio I just looped the ends so I could hook the garland up.
Happy pre-fall everyone!

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