Friday, February 8, 2013


Ughh, forgive me, but I really can't get enough chevron! I bought this AWESOME huge chevron stamp, and this is just the first of many DIY's I have planned for it! As you may have seen I have a RTS BRACELET SALE going on, and as I was packing the sold ones to be shipped in these cute linen bags  ding ding ding I thought, duh, I need to stamp them!!! ;) I stamped just the corner; I thought it was cool and unexpected there! I think it added that little special touch I was looking for! They would be so cute for party favor bags, or just for a little jewelry bag!
I also included the cute packaging I put around them! Gotta love glitter stickers & leopard note cards;)
I purchased my stamp HERE ...they are sold out often, but if you are crazy persistent like me, then keep checking back and it will come back in stock!;)

Have a creative day! xox

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