Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion is For Real #fashionisforreal

I spent the past three days in Viva Las Vegas on a buying trip for our boutique Whittaker House Fashion was my first love, and every time I go on these trips, I remember why! It's so awesome to see the many many different walks of life that make the world go round... The fashion there will make you feel so many things all at once! It's actually pretty breath taking! This trip we were buying for fall... so it's cool to have a look into the future of what's coming up in fashion...

I wanted to highlight some of my photos from the trip..Not only is the fashion amazing, but the presentation is unbelievable!

This gives a whole new meaning to 'live art', follow me on #vine {Ashley Thunder} and see the video on this, super awesome!

And you know me, I love me a good instagram hash the show they had this awesome photo printer, that would immediately print out your photo as long as you tagged #enkvegas!! See my photo up there!;)

I planned on showing you some of my favorite fashion looks I saw, but I decided to do something a little more fun... As a person who will pretty much try any style once, I wanted to show you some outrageous & fun looks I found instead!! The BEST part about the fashion world is that EVERYONE is accepted!!! Love that so much!

I'm beyond in love with these two little ol' fashionable ladies...did I mention the one in the grey has on a pair of wedge sneakers that I happened to it!!! How cute are they?!?!!
Next week I'm headed to New York for our other big buying trip of the year! I can't wait to show you the comparisons between the two!! So different!! Just shows you how fashion changes from West Coast to East Coast!!


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