Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Baby Food for the Picky(but cute)Baby

As stated in previous post, I have the MOST talented friends! They always tell me how creative I am, but if they only knew how much they inspire me too!! I have featured Ali once before when she gave me these Hanging Chalkboards, which might I add (with wedding season around the corner) are awesome for décor purposes, and can totally be customized!
Anyways, Ali has the babes that I threw this BABY SHOWER for which happens to now be my most r'e-pinned' party:)! Her little guy just absolutely steals my heart every time I see him, ugghh, I just swoon over him!! BUT as cute as he maybe, he also happens to be a picky little eater, SHOCKER wonder wear that comes from;) Ali.
 So Ali decided to make his food A. to a make it healthier for him and B. to be able to make things he likes; which all happens to C. majorly save on cash too! WIN WIN WIN! I saw this picture of this massive amount of food she made for him the other day and asked her to share!!
If you remember last time, I have to put her directions in 'more simple' terms, but this time she did just fine. I had to include her first line even though I think it was intended just for me, love her.
Here's what I do. So simple seems like a duh thing and I'll try not to over explain.
1.  Get all types of fruits, veggies, and meats prepped (wash, peel, remove seeds, dice, etc.). Do all at once so you have an assembly line and aren't waiting for each to cook individually.  Also you'll have about a 2+ week supply.
2.  Steam, sauté, or cook food the way you like to eat it as an adult. Add some spices while cooking like pepper, garlic, onion, and cinnamon but keep it mild and avoid salt.
3.  Blend cooked ingredients in a food processor. Add a little water or juice to thin into a purée when needed. You can keep food types separate or create meals by combining.
4.  Fill and level finished purée in ice cube trays (each cube is 1 ounce for easy measuring).
5.  Let freeze overnight then remove from trays and store in dated and labeled zip lock freezer bags.  Will keep for about a month!
6.  Thaw in the microwave for about 30 seconds and serve :)
I got this text from 'Grey' saying "Breakfast was so much yummier in my sharkie bowl, thanks Auntie Ashy"! I found this adorable plate set at Target and knew I had to get it! I'm pretty sure Ali and I fell in love at first Shark! haha, we both have a completely random love for sealife!
Thanks Ali! Xox.

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