Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Doily Dream Catcher By Lauren

A while back I posted a BADASS DREAMCATCHER DIY by my sister... the most difficult part of this DIY was the 'web' in the middle. Lauren and I were talking about alternatives one day and she shouted out 'DOILY'... ummm duh!!! She ended up making a few, and I am SO EXCITED about how they turned out!! 

Doily dream catcher. 

Seriously so easy.

All you need is an embroidery hoop, Crocheted doilies, Jute, Newspaper, & one huge bead.

Put the doily In the hoop and clamp shut (On my other one I dyed it with tea). Then I made the newspaper feathers by cutting out a feather shape and sliced up the sides. The I kinda crumpled them up an flattened them back out. At the end (the stem) I rolled them up and put them in the bead (I made 4 leaves). On on end of the jute I glued the bead with the leaves and on the other I glue it on the hoop.
You can totally make I your own and put more strings with feathers or different colored beads real feathers.

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