Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY {Minecraft} 7th Birthday

I saw Gillian share a picture on her IG of some detail pictures of a 'Minecraft' party... I thought it looked awesome, and totally do-able! I asked Gillian if she would want to share some photo's and little back ground of her DIY's! I LOVE all the little details she put into it, so I will let her tell you more...

I volunteered to host my nephews 7th birthday 6 days before the party so naturally I didn't start crafting until the day before the party ;)  I had no clue about minecraft except that all my nephews love it so off to Pinterest I went for inspiration...I made the masks with soda boxes I covered with cut up paper I got from the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby.  I don't even have a glue gun so I used my husband's wood glue 😁 I LOVE balloons...they are cheap and they just make me happy and kids love them.  I made the creeper balloons with black streamers I taped on...I probably could have glued them but I used it all on the masks :) I made the balloon garlands by threading the tail(?) of the balloon using a needle and fishing line.  My 13 year old niece made the cake....she even made the fondant....she's the real crafty one and I'm just the wannabe :)  Other than that I just tried to make every green item I own look like a creeper.  This is a great party to throw together quickly and on a budget.


Thanks so much for sharing Gillian your nephew has the coolest Aunt! XOX

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