Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little bit of what 'Ashley Thunder Events' offers!

For the past two years I have managed The Red Barn Experience, a AMAZING wedding venue,
that was actually built for my wedding...lay it on me "You had a venue built just for your wedding??"... and yes the answer is yes; but hear me out first..
I live in beautiful Northwest Indiana, and although there are many great venues to choose from, it's slim pickings when it comes to a rustic outdoor-ish(and yes you will learn I make up my own words)wedding for 300 people... so on to PLAN B, we have the wedding on my parents beautiful farm, rent the tent, and done! Well, not so fast, as soon as my dad hears the price of a tent for one day... here comes what we like to call PLAN C! Long story short, just like that came The Red Barn Experience!
Along with the venue services offered, I have been doing day of coordination & prior day set-up for many of our brides, and have had lots of request to offer them outside of the Red Barn..below is a price sheet for the different packages at Ashley Thunder Events
It would be hard for me to post this with out a few of my favorite photos from where it all began...
All photos by Lady and the Lens Photography...Im pretty sure Im the president of her fan club!

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