Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mac's Party Decor: DIY Chalkboard

Our Modern Momma's little guy Mac is turning 1!!! She is doing her own décor for the party, duh, along with the help of yours truly. So were going to show some fun DIY party décor throughout the planning, following up with the big reveal in July!
DIY Chalkboard:

It's time for me to start working on stuff for Mac's birthday party! I'm doing it little by little so it doesn't add up all right at the end. My first DIY for it was a chalkboard. I saw this one on PINTEREST and really liked it for the front door.
I bought a picture frame at goodwill painted the glass with krylon chalkboard spray paint and painted the frame gold!
Easy as that!
How about this GORGEOUS weather!!! xox

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