Thursday, February 13, 2014


Last year my friend Brandi hosted a fun Pinterest pinning party, and ever since I have been thinking of hosting one of my own! I finally got my ideas and plans together and set a date! 

With a huge re-brand in the works for ATE, and the possibility of moving our blog to a different site, I wanted to give this one its last 'hoorah'...and what better way then sitting at home in your pj's having a cocktail and 'pinteresting' your little heart out, I mean thats what we all do on Friday nights anyways right?!?!

How is this all going to work you ask?!?!..... from the comfort of your own home:

{1st Chance to Win} 
Visit our blog HERE, and find something that inspires you, hover over the photos and 'pin' your favorite ideas, diy's, recipes, party ideas, ect.....person with the most pins wins a prize! (2 WINNERS)

{2nd Chance to Win}
Visit our Pinterest boards HERE and re-pin anything you see and love! Person with the most 're-pins' wins a prize!

{3rd Chance to Win} 
Upload your own pin of DIY's that you have done inspired by ATE! Person with the most uploads wins a prize! 

Last little catch;).... you must #hashtag all pins with #ATEPINNINGPARTY

Easy as that, now for the important part, the prizes, all my favorite things!!

-$25 Hobby Lobby Gift Card
-1 Year Magazine Subscription to Real Simple
-Party in a Basket (Balloons, Straws, pom-poms, Twine, Gift Bags, and much more!)
-3 Months Whimsey Box Subscription

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