Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Modern Momma: Yummy DIY Summer Popsicles

Yummy DIY Summer Popsicles
By Lauren

You guy these are so easy your going to wonder why you haven't made your own!
For my first batch I cut up some peaches and nectarines out maybe a tablespoon of honey ad a splash of orange juice in my magic bullet and poured into molds. Since my son went through all of them in one day, I had to make more. The next batch I did were strawberries and frozen chocolate covered banana bites. Just those two ingredients blended and poured into molds. Are you guys dumbfounded?! Seriously. My next ones I want to do (not super healthy) are just gummy bears an sprite. How refreshing does thy sound?  And after I have baby number 2, I WILL be making these watermelon margarita Popsicles for me!

And here are some of my favorite molds- I'm seriously addicted.

And P. S. I've notices the sticks that have holes in them work better than the ones that don't. Or if you don't want to buy molds just youse Dixie cups and popsicle sticks!!

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