Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Cement Planter

We had such an overwhelming response to our APRIL #ATECRAFTNIGHT cement planters I decided to share the DIY instructions...

-Quickrete Cement
-Plastic Container
(I purchased mine at the dollar store 3 for a dollar, but you can use milk jugs, 2 liters, ect.)
-Plastic Cups
-Paint, Gold Leaf (Optional)

How To:
-Pour some dry concrete into your plastic container.
-Stir in TINY amounts of water, until concrete is mixed into a 'gritty' thick mixture.
-Push plastic cups down into your mixture creating the spots for your plants or tea lights.
-Let dry for at least an hour, but 24 hours for best results.
-Remove plastic cups and cement out of plastic container.
-Add paint or gold leaf in the design of your choice, & Enjoy!

Love these photos from Balee Images, especially her finished product picture below, featuring one of last years #ATECraftNight projects the painted vases! The two projects look so cute together!

Other finished products from craft night attendees:

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