Thursday, October 10, 2013

Festive, Fun, Fabulous: Holiday Bouquet : Thode Floral

SO excited for Part 2 of our bouquet series!
 {You can catch all the details & PART 1 of the series HERE!}

Now we bring you 'Holiday'... there is something really special about a Holiday wedding. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the time of year; but it just seems super COZY! 

I am SO in love with what Jessica at Thode Floral did with this one! It's 'Holiday' without screaming 'CHRISTMAS'...which is exactly what I had envisioned! And can we please talk about how she is the QUEEN of bouquet wraps.. just wait until you see Part 3's wrap too!!!!!

We decided to pull out an old vintage sleigh that we had at the barn, and to not have it with a model...Ummm, I am OBSESSED with these photos......Shooooot, I thought I wanted a fall wedding, now I want a holiday wedding....and then I remembered I was already married. UGH! ;)

HUGE thanks to Balee Images for these photos... try and take a 'holiday looking' photo, on a beautiful fall day, ha! Well, of course Brandi nailed it! LOVE!!!!

How GORGEOUS are these flowers!!!!!!! 

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