Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Kids Room Storage

Who thinks of this?!?!!? Our Modern Momma Lauren, thats who! 

Boy storage
I'm always looking for new things to shove Mac's toys and odds and ends in that doesn't look like typical baby room cubbies. My brother inherited my great uncles farm and he had a grain barn. Last time I was up there I saw that he had a conveyor belt that was on the floor and begged my brother if I could have some of it!! (He really had NO choice because I would've bugged him until I got some!) So then once I had it I had to brainstorm what to do with 15 feet of conveyor belt with scoops?! I knew I wanted to put some in Mac's room and right now he's OBSESSED with hoteheels. And what do you do with that space under the window? It's always wasted space! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put the scoops there for his cars. I know not everyone has conveyor belts just laying around like I do, but this gives you an eye to look at unconventional things for storage.

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