Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Rustic Doily Mobile : Nursery Decor : By Amanda

Although I have never met Amanda in person, I feel like I already know her thanks to the wonderful world of social media;)! (UPDATE*** I am such a dork, Amanda just filled me in, that she actually used to babysit me when I was little!!!, I told her, well at least I didn't remember you as the 'mean babysitter or anything:)) I first knew of Amanda through her amazing talent of photography, which you have to check out, a.tonagel photography; her work is just breathtaking! We then started following each other on IG, and immediately hit it off! Did I mention she has the most ADORABLE family... including a sweeter than sweet new addition Ms. Greta.

 Greta already has her own hashtag #mygretagirl, so obviously a girl after my own heart;)! One of the coolest things about Greta, is that she was the surprise 'coveted girl' after 3 cute boys!! That is just amazing to me! && from the few  LARGE amount of photos I have seen, I can tell this is just the beginning of a very loved life for little Ms. Greta... and boys, you better watch out with these 3 proud big brothers! 

When Amanda started showing sneaks of Greta's room, I knew immediately I wanted to share this dainty & perfect DIY! 

{Rustic Doily Mobile}

Supplies: Wreath, Twine, Doilies, Hot Glue

How To:
(I am going to share what Amanda sent, just because I think its funny, and tells you perfectly what to do:))

"Basically I just bought the wreath, twine and some random doilies at Hobby Lobby and hot glued the sucker together. :) I cut some of the doilies to create different shapes and variations. The mobile is hung on the ceiling with a hook. Super easy! "

Check out Amanda's blog HERE! She is sharing the entire nursery,
and trust me it is SO. WORTH.SEEING!!!

Thanks SO much Amanda for letting me share a piece of your sweet Greta's perfect nursery!!! XOX

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