Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Flags

Everyone knows someone on any given day that needs a little 'pick me up'. I thought of this super cute(at least I think so) in-expensive five minute, barely any cost idea.... 'fun flags'! Just a little washi-tape, flag post(I used various sticks from around the house), craft paper, scissors! I thought it was cute to use different size flag post so they can plant their little flags around the house... a drinking flag, a cupcake flag, a flag to put in a flower name it, they now have a happy little flag to put in it!!! I maybe way far off the 'crazy deep-end' to think this is SO adorable, but whatever, I know this would brighten my day!;)

ok, am I crazy, or a these just the cutest little things you've ever seen...well maybe not ever...;)

Ps. I got those adorable 'Hooray' wooden flags from this cute shop Swoon Paper Studios! I can think of about a million and one reasons to use those!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! xox

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