Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dreaming of Details {Dream Wedding: Photos By Balee Images}

We are flooded with AMAZING detail shots from our Dream Wedding with Balee Images... no really 390 pictures worth...thanks to Balee Images my Dropbox is now FULL! HA! 

I have swooned over these wedding pictures for weeks... and really I have never seen a more gorgeous couple, but sorry guys, I'm totally showing off the details today!!! Everyone knows I LOVE details, and I feel like these detail shots really show a perfect representation of ATE... clean, simple, gorgeous! 

This opportunity was as I like to say 'gifted' to me by Brandi and of course Alison & Cody... and what an unbelievable opportunity it was too! BUT.... I can't lie, it wasn't all wedding cakes and one point I thought to myself....AHHHHHH, what am I'm doing, thinking I can put together an entire really what was I thinking... 

...then comes these photos, oh man, these photos... THESE PHOTOS give me the confidence that tells me I CAN DO THIS, I can handle this profession and I love every second of the craziness!!

HUGE thanks to our AWESOME Vendors, who not only did the most beautiful job, but also kept me from losing my mind!! I LOVE each of these vendors, and their creativity just blows my mind! 

THODE FLORAL: For the AMAZING flowers!
L.R. Mens Clothing: For the coolest menswear!
Spire Farm-to-Fork: For the unbelievable pies and mini-pies!
Lauren McClennan: For the GORG hair & make-up!
The Red Barn Experience: For the perfect venue!

&& of course our fab 5 photographers: Balee ImagesLemongrass PhotographyLydia Lee PhotographyMiko Blu PhotographyAmanda Duncan Photography!!! Love you girls!!

Ok, I lied...maybe just a couple of them, because they are SO GORGEOUS...

Thanks for taking a peak!!! XOX

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