Monday, April 8, 2013

Boy clothes that are SO cool you won't want a girl;).

What happens if I have a boy, how will I dress him, boy clothes aren't cute....damn straight they aren't cute....they are 'too cool'? No I'm not pregnant, haha....But I have always thought those things...until recently. Friends with boys have given me a new hope. Not to mention our very own MM who happens to dress Mac in the 'coolest' boy clothes I asked her to share her top picks at the moment...
From Lauren:
If I have to hear one more time that its more fun to shop for girl clothes than it is boy clothes I'm gonna scream!  Maybe I'm a little biased because I have a boy but if I ever have a girl she's definitely not going to be in ruffles head to toe. And no I will never dress my son in a onesie that says mommy's little monkey.  Wtf. Gross. So I'm breaking it down of where I get Mac's clothes...
3: Everyday wear- we usually stay in pajamas if we're just at home but otherwise it is baby gap. I'm obsessed with the CUFFED PANTS!  Mac has a ton! Seriously every color. They fit him the best and with a indie they are adorable.
5: BABY GAP PAJAMAS This is my weakness. I don't know why but I am head over heels in love with their two piece sleep sets. I've even split them up so he can wear the top with regular bottoms or fun print pants with a white onesie. I die.
6: I also bought Mac some ZARA WALKING SHOES and they are beyond. Real leather and the cutest thing in the world. I have a feeling Zara is going to be right up there with gap for my favorites!
7:I just bought a PAIR OF JEANS forr him at Zara and so far I'm in love!! I've gotten jeans from baby gap, children's place and old navy and wasn't impressed.
8: Carter's Onesies they are the PLAIN colored/white ones. They are cheap and fit him like a glove. I usually stock up when thy have buy one get one 50% off.  
And to top it all off we mix in some old navy and Hanna Anderson. And no I have to say I don't always wait for sales. I have a gap card :/ (yikes) and they usually have a 30% off deal every couple weeks.
Happy baby shopping!
Of course you know we had to include some pic's of these adorable clothes in action..

Is it wrong to want a kid just so I can dress them?!? HA. Happy Monday! xox 

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