Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner...


If I have seen it once at The Red Barn Experience I have seen it a 100 times. Over the past 3 years, I have witnessed the MAJOR importance of hiring a wedding planner for, lets see...ONLY THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE. I can't even begin to count the reasons as to why EVERYONE needs to budget out a wedding planner. Many people believe that asking a friend or family member to help coordinate your wedding is the answer...I am here to tell you THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER...and here's why you should hire a professional:
1. Acts as a Point Person: The typical wedding can have as many as 20 different vendors to coordinate. A wedding planner can act as a point person, answering emails & questions so you don't have to.
2. Eliminates Stress: Wedding planning can be incredibly overwhelming as well as stressful. A wedding coordinator can assure that decisions are made on time, and all bases are covered leading up to your big day. Don't you want to have fun, as opposed to making sure your Great Aunt Lucy is in a photo or not?!
3. Offers Creativity: A wedding planner has many resources and ideas for inspiration; and can combine all your different concepts into a manageable plan of action.
4. Thinking of Everything: Wedding coordinators know exactly what goes into making a wedding fabulous, right down to every little detail that you may not think of. They will make sure you are on schedule and that you don't miss any important aspects to make your day perfect.
5. Knowledge of Vendors: Because wedding planners work one on one with all different vendors, they can give you the best reviews and resources for every aspect of your day.
6. Saves Money: Believe it or not, hiring a wedding planner can not only save you time but also save you money... from relationships with vendors, to wholesale resources, they can help you cut corners in your budget.
7.Handles Crisis's: Who wants to be calling the limo driver wondering where he is on your wedding day?! Let a wedding coordinator do that for you.
8. Neutral Party: Wedding planners are the neutral party when it comes to YOUR day. They can be honest with you, make decisions, and most importantly will not try and make the day their own.
9. Experience: A wedding coordinator has been there and done that. They know how to stay on schedule and make sure that everything happens according to your ideal plan. While your busy enjoying every moment, they are busy making sure toast are made, dinner is served, and your first dance goes of without a hitch.
10. Working For You: Wedding planners are hired for no other reason than to make your dream day a reality, so that's what they are going to work hard to do; And in most cases, are going above and beyond what you have ever dreamed of!

 I wasn't going to do this, but the facts are the facts! An average couple can spend up 300 hours wedding planning... and yes you should hire me;)! Xox

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