Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Felt Animal Mask

Lauren our Modern Momma sent me this adorable DIY this morning, and I couldn't help but smile at the pictures! So CUTE!

Felt masks

Hot glue/tacky glue
Different colored felt
Foam or paper masks
Fabric scissors
Optional paper and pencil for stencil

I started out making a pattern with the hippo head then cheeks to get the right proportions. I really just eyeballed everything. Once everything was cut out I glued all the felt pieces together first with tacky glue. We'll that wasn't drying quick enough so I pulled out my glue gun and went to town. For the hippo I wanted it to have big eyes so I cut the mast to make them larger. Then I glued the felt on the mask. Perfect! For the bird I cut half moons out of the two colors. I did them all freehand and different sizes. I started hot gluing the bigger felt pieces around the edge. The next row just make sure you overlap them good enough so you don't show the edges or bottom.



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