Monday, November 4, 2013

Modern Rustic Farm Family Photos {Balee Images}

Our Modern Momma recently had the most *lovely* family photos taken by an ATE favorite--- Balee Images! I knew even before I saw the photos that I would want to share, and then... I fell in love at first sneak peak! They are just gorgeous and so heartwarming; and we don't even have to mention the adorable Mac, those baby blues speak all for themselves! I LOVE this family, and LOVE these photos!

I asked Lauren a couple questions to share with you guys...

What was your inspiration for taking these photos:
{L}I knew I just wanted real pictures! I knew Mac would love seeing the animals and tractors so it was a no brainer! I also knew they would distract him and not be whiney and annoyed with it all. And having live animals in pictures that you have no control over is pretty fun (even when Mac got attacked by the rooster)!

What was your favorite part of your session:
{L}My favorite part of the session was having the cows running up to us when we walked in their field. All of them coming up to us one by one checking us out and Mac wanted nothing more to just pet them! I think he freaked them out by being so little but it was amazing to see how gentle their huge bull was towards Mac.

How did you decide on outfits:
{L}Ohhh the outfits. I started out with Mac's. I knew he had layers or texture and color but for us it was harder. All ryan wears is plain t shirts and jeans all the time (and his flannels) so I just threw clothes at him. I pick you wear. It works for him. And mine? I had a couple of outfits in mind but then it got super cold and that knocked out some. Then I decided between a chambray dress and this camo one I found the day before at Gap. I knew I wanted to wear it as soon as I saw it. I then just kinda coordinated with Ryan and Mac. I knew I just didn't want something too put together and clothes that screamed family photo op. Gross.

What will you cherish the most about these photos:
{L}I just am happy we had the most amazing photographer that had fun with us and wasn't there doing her 'job'. Even when we tried to get some pictures away from the cows and Mac started freaking out and crying and snot was everywhere it was still fun. Cold. But fun. Great family memory with the moos!

My most favorite question I asked Lauren actually wasn't part of the Q&A I gave her... Right before uploading photos, I asked Lauren if there were any photos that she didn't like or didn't want me to share, and she said "No, I love every single one"...I love that answer! 

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