Thursday, June 6, 2013


The 20's were so glamorous, no wonder they came back with such a big bang! I'm so stoked to be styling a engagement shoot revolving around such an amazing time in history that we all like to refer to now as the 'Great Gatsby' era...

I had a vision of this gorgeous lace wrap head piece, so naturally I made one;). Im kind of obsessed and might have to wear it myself after the shoot! Can't wait to share some pics of it actually on a model after the shoot!

 All you need plus a pair of scissors and a glue gun:)!

I cut my lace long enough to be able to tie back and then have some hanging long, it was about a yard. I then added the largest broach and continued to build my other components(feathers, pearls, & small broaches) around the large broach! A little hot glue and your done!

Stay tuned for some AMAZING pics to follow!!! Xox

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