Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Modern Momma: What to Register for PART 3: The Essentials

The last part of our 3 Part 'What to Register for".... this time we are going over the essentials! If you missed Part 1 & Part 2, click HERE!

Registry part 3- the essentials

Teethers and pacifiers
I like a combo of both wood and rubber teethers. When Mac was super little he just wanted to bite his swaddles until he got bigger and ha more hand eye coordination for bigger things. As for pacifiers you never know which ones your baby will like so I tell people to register for all kinds. Better for other people to buy them at 7$ a pop rather than you...

Aden and Anais Swaddles
Everyone who knows me knows that I'm OBSESSED with them. Swaddles, a blankie to play on, breastfeeding cover. You name it, it can do it! And don't forget to buy a dream blanket while your at it!

First Aid kit
Essentials in an essential.

Blooming bath
I was so excited to get this for Mac! It's a huge spongy flower that fits in your sink. When your done with the bath just throw it in the dryer. Even my husband loved it and made him not scared to give Mac a bath in it.

Sound machine
I think any will work and this is more about what price point and look your going for. Mac had a bear that hooked on his crib but I found this one and liked it! Easy for on the go or just at home!

Crane humidifier
What a lifesaver! When baby's sick just throw some essential oils in it. And it comes in such fun colors! Happy little humidifier if you ask me.

Angelcare baby motion and sound monitor
I received just the sound monitor since they didn't have the motion one out yet when I had Mac. I feel like these are all about price points and how much of a spaz parent you are. I never really used mine. We live in a ranch style house so you can hear the baby from everywhere. Plus for me if it was gonna happen it was gonna happen.

Changing pad
I feel like for us it was mainly for looks in the nursery. Cheap ones will work just as good as the expensive ones. We have a diaper station in most of the rooms. No way in hell am I going to run to the opposite side of my house when my kid has a blow out to change a diaper. Wherever I am, that's where he's getting changed.

Water bottle nipple/sippy adapter
This could have gone with feeding but after I found this product a couple months ago I feel like everyone should have it!! It screw on to most water bottles. It's perfect for formula feeding while out and about. No need to bring extra bottles. Easy for taking to the beach or if you go to the mall and forget the sippy. I seriously can't get enough of this one!!

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